Choosing the Garden Tools that You Need

Garden stores and catalogues feature various kinds of gardening tools, which are very useful, while some are nice but not necessary. To know which tools are important and which are not, the gardening tools that you need greatly depends on the size and kind of garden.

Generally, the basic tools used by most gardeners for a landscape or vegetable garden include a pruning tool, spade, a trowel, a rake, and a hoe. There are different kinds of pruning tools, such as the pruning shears that are used for branching up plants to a diameter of ½ to ¾ inch, hedge shears necessary for cutting difficult branches, and lopping shears, which are used for shrubs. A spade, having a flat blade, is designed to cut rather than remove soil. Spades are widely used for transplanting shrubs and trees, forming straight-sided trenches, and cutting trees. A trowel is necessary for most digging tasks in a small area, as well as for transplanting seedlings and digging weeds. A garden rake is used for removing rocks and debris in the garden. Lastly, a hoe is used for making seed beds and furrows. It can also be used for breaking encrusted soil and removing weeds. A draw-hoe is commonly used in gardening.

Although fertile soil, sufficient water, and sunlight will ensure productive results for plants, good gardening tools are important for cultivating them. By having the right gardening tools, you will be assured that your plants will grow in good condition.