Dining furniture for the whole family

Making a dining room into an attractive and comfortable space for hosting dinner with friends or just for regular family meals needs some thought and planning to get the best out of it. Choosing the right dining furniture for the whole family is a key part of making the room a success and one where people enjoy gathering.

When you’re starting to plan the first thing to do is to measure your space. You may have a separate room that will be used solely for dining, although it could easily be used for kids doing homework or a place where the family accounts can be laid out on the dining table for those unpleasant IRS returns. If you have a smaller area, maybe a kitchen/diner, you still need to get your measurements accurate because you’ll want to get dining furniture that will fit the space without making things feel cluttered.

It’s not just table and chairs that you should consider, but storage can be an issue. If you have space you could look at putting in a dresser to house your good crockery, cutlery and glassware, or a sideboard with drawers and doors to do the same.

Before you decide on a table think about how many people you are likely to seat round it on a regular basis. If it’s going to mainly family for breakfast, lunch and dinner you won’t need a very big one, but if you love entertaining with extended family and friends you’ll need to think on a larger scale. Beware of not leaving enough space for people to easily get in and out of their seats so channel your inner spatial awareness when you’re planning your dining area.

There is an enormous range of dining tables to choose from. If you like the traditional feel and your budget stretches to it, then go for a solid piece made from hard wood and polished to a perfect veneer. This is a statement table and highly suitable for entertaining at a dinner party. You could also look at an extendable table, so you give yourself more space in the room when you’re only feeding a few people or for grazing teens but can adjust easily to accommodate several more.

If space is at a premium take a look at options for a folding or round dining table. They can fit into award spaces and a folding table can be tucked away neatly to give yourself some more room when you need it.

When you’re sourcing chairs for your dining room you don’t necessarily have to have them matching, though if you’ve gone for the more traditional look with your table you’ll probably go for that option. If you’ve chosen a more modernistic route you could try out chairs in various colors or even mismatched ones as different kind of style statement.

However, you decide to furnish your dining room you won’t be short of options for sizes, styles, colors and prices. You don’t have to spend a lot of money but if you want to push the financial boat out you’ll find a great choice of dining room furniture for the whole family.

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