Dining room chairs to suit your style

As one of your home’s main social areas your dining room needs not only to be a place where you can enjoy good food and company but also somewhere that you, your family and guests will get pleasure from spending time in. There are a number of things you’ll need to think about when you’re looking at dining room chairs to suit your style.

It’s not all about the dining room chairs of course but they are arguably one of the most important additions to your dining furniture because they need to fit how you have styled your room and, probably most importantly, provide a comfortable place for people to sit, especially if you have dinner parties that can last a long time.

Before you decide on what type of chairs you want, decide what you want from your dining room. Will it be a formal or informal area to eat in and how often would you plan to use it? Is there are particular mood you want to create for your guests, and how many guests would you expect to have on average for a meal?

You also need to take into account the amount of space you have. A large dining table with imposing chairs in a small space will make the room look cluttered so look at measurements and adapt accordingly. How you intend to use your dining room will also affect the type of furniture your use. If it’s only planned on being used for formal occasions, such as a three or four course dinner, you might want to go for a more traditional look and feel to the furniture, perhaps adding a display cabinet for china or a sideboard.

If the room is going to be used mainly for casual dining with family for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, you’ll probably be looking for a more relaxed look and for furniture that can stand up well to regular wear and tear. Your dining room may not be a separate space, rather it could be a kitchen/diner that’s much more informal and instead of chairs you could always opt for comfortable banquettes and benches.

However you decide to use your dining space there are some simple ways to achieve the style you want and you may want it to fit with the overall design style of other rooms in your home or make a bold and very different statement.

When you’re looking into buying new dining chairs you’ll want to make sure they make a good fit with your table. Mismatched furniture usually doesn’t present a good ambience to a room and could make your guests feel uncomfortable, the last thing you want when you’re hoping to give them an enjoyable evening. There are a number of popular furnishing styles you can explore and it comes down to your budget as much as anything.

If you’re looking to set up a traditional feel to your dining room then you’ll want to examine your options for grand wooden furniture, so you can go for a full dining suite with a solid table and matching chairs made of rich woods and with attractive upholstery for the seats. If you have the space add in a sideboard and that china cabinet and light the room with wall scones or a chandelier of crystal or wrought iron.

For a decorative impression look to chairs that are elaborately carved, again matching your table, and sumptuous upholstery using damasks and brocades to make a real statement. Decorative styles include Gothic, Rococo and all the classic French Louis era furniture.

A gentler, less formal dining room can be achieved by going country style, bringing out the rustic aspects of furniture with white woods that are aged or painted and using color palettes that are mainly neutral and pastel. Your chairs here could be wicker or you may prefer ladder-back ones with rush seats.

You could, of course, be looking for something much more modern and cutting edge and there are many stunning furniture designs that can help you create your modernist or minimalist dining area. Designers like to test the bounds of their imagination and naturally hope you’ll come along for the ride. Cool, contemporary and chic, you’ll be able to have a space that looks clean and sharp with unfussy chairs that match a table whose surface could be made of glass.

You can be as adventurous as you like with your dining room design to develop a style that will suit you, your family and guests.

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