DIY Blog: Portable Circular Saw Operating Procedures

A portable circular saw is a tool with a metal blade or disc with saw teeth. It is a mechanical tool for cutting wood and other similar materials.

The first thing to consider is selecting the appropriate blade for a certain material to be cut. After that, set the saw base so that the blade will penetrate the material by 1/4 inch. Mark the materials as clearly as possible so that it will be visible during and after the cutting process

When the marking is done, position the saw blade in alignment with the cut line. Then, using one hand, grip the lift handle of the saw guard and retract it to start cutting. When cutting the material, remember to follow the cut line using the notch or mark in the saw base. The notch in the saw base indicates the direction of the saw, which is common to most portable circular saws.

Also remember to cut the material at a steady pace and with patience to get an exact and clear cut. If the cut line seems to be too short or narrow, clamping a guide to the cut line will help achieve a straight cut. You may also lock the ‘on’ switch for convenience and to keep the blade action steady. If an internal cut is desired, turn off the machine, aim the blade towards the area to be cut, then turn it on again and start a slow cut.