DIY Tools: Prying Tools

There are certain carpentry jobs that seem to be very complicated and difficult to do. But actually, these tasks are very simple to accomplish. The only key to doing a basic carpentry job is to have the appropriate tools and the proper knowledge of how to use them.

One basic carpentry job is prying boards and removing brads or fasteners. To separate glued objects, use a ripping chisel and hammer. To use this, insert the curved end of the ripping chisel between the joints of the attached objects. After that, use the hammer to let the chisel move its way through the conjoined objects. When it’s all done, pull the other end of the chisel (shaft) to separate it completely.

To remove a moulding from the wall, the best tool to use is a wonderbar. Before removing the moulding, remember to first cut the paint seal between the wall and the top of the moulding. After that, use the hammer to let the wonderbar penetrate to the joint. When the wonderbar is in place, place a piece of wood in between the wonderbar and the dry wall to avoid damaging the surface of the wall.

To remove a nail from a certain surface, use a chisel by placing its head around the nail, and then pull it upward. Another way to pry a nail out is using a nail claw. To use the nail claw, dig its heel into the wood and make a sufficient angle to remove the nail. Aside from that, a cat’s paw and brad nail claw can be used to remove brads or nails.