Furniture garden styles

Garden furniture enables us to eat, relax, and entertain outside, without compromising on comfort. It comes in a wide selection of sizes and shapes to suit the requirements of each buyer, but this can make it difficult to narrow down a search. In this guide, we’ll look at what the most popular styles are and what they have to offer.

Fabric outdoor furniture

We all have our own idea of what modern outdoor furniture actually means, but designs which incorporate fabric are extremely on-trend right now. These can be slightly more expensive than the alternatives, but they are made from robust materials and will provide years of use. Fabric furniture is a relatively new concept in outdoor living, it is produced using a metal or wood frame and a stain repellent waterproof cloth. It feels soft to the touch but is strong enough to be left in the garden all year. This especially hardwearing fabric was developed for use on yachts but is now used to produce bar sets, dining tables and modular sofas for your garden. The majority of colors are muted shades of taupe, grey and olive, which blend well with any space.

Aluminum garden furniture

A contemporary choice, aluminum furniture is widely available, and its adaptability makes it an excellent material for gardens. Offering strength and a high level of corrosion resistance, aluminum is also light and easy to put into place, but it will need to be weighted down in windy conditions. You can choose between cast aluminum or tubular designs of chairs, tables, benches or seats. The bright silver color of raw aluminum is not to everyone’s tastes, but modern versions are powder-coated in shades like white, grey or black, adding an extra layer of durability.

Wicker furniture for gardens

Since Victorian times, wicker has been a popular style of garden furniture. Available in synthetic or natural fibers it fits perfectly in an outdoor setting and feels far warmer than metal. Finished in soft, organic colors like beige, cream, grey and avocado, rattan-style pieces have rounded edges and an elegant appearance. Wicker furniture is lightweight enough to move around when necessary and comes in numerous styles including dining chairs, sofas, tables and stools. Synthetic versions look surprisingly realistic and they are far more durable, making them a better option if you plan to leave your garden furniture outside all year round. If you’ll be bringing it inside to use in a conservatory or summer house during the colder months, then you could also consider natural wicker.

Wooden outdoor furniture

A very traditional material for furnishing an outdoor space, wood can be left untreated and rugged-looking or painted to add a splash of color. Against the green of a leafy tree or hedge, white wood gleams beautifully, while blue adds a nautical note and neutrals like cream appear calming. Alternatively, a stain delivers a subtle tone and protection, without detracting from the natural properties of wood. Along with weather-resistance, wood is a hardy material that will look great in the garden all year round. It’s easy to wipe or hose clean and won’t feel too cold or hot to the touch. Many people use cushions to soften the feel of natural wood and create a more luxurious atmosphere. Wooden furniture garden styles vary from benches to dining tables, chairs and bistro sets, it’s not the cheapest option, but it ages attractively and lasts.

Plastic garden furniture

Plastic garden furniture is the cheapest available, it does have negative associations, but also plenty of benefits. It is easy to produce, comfortable furniture, which also looks stylish. Putting such a light set of furniture in place is simple and if you feel like a change, it takes moments to reposition in another spot. Plastic is a material which can survive rough handling and drops, without significant damage. For people who want garden furniture that can simply be positioned and then forgotten about, plastic is ideal. It needs little or no maintenance and unlike the more expensive options, it won’t develop holes or cracks through being exposed to the elements.

This material can be molded into any number of styles, from chairs to benches and tables with soft edges. Furthermore, because plastic is entirely waterproof, you won’t need to worry about rain or spilt drinks during a barbeque. Most types are stackable, so they can be tidied away quickly to create more lawn space and with little assembly required out of the box, you can be sitting down to enjoy the sunshine in minutes.

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