Halo Jump

If you’ve really been hungering for an extreme adventure, something that will give you bragging rights that no one else will possibly be able to top, you might want to consider travelling to the United States to make a tandem Halo skydive.

Halo jumping is something that was developed by the military to get troops into dangerous locations fast and safely. Halo, which stands for High Altitude, Low Opening, allows troops to jump from aircraft at altitudes of up to 35,000 feet, in relative secrecy. They were too high up to be detected either visually or on radar as they fell through the skies, and by the time they open their parachutes and are visible, they are within about 1,000 feet of the ground, with very little altitude left to fall.

Halo jumpers require extensive training. They must use bottled oxygen for their jumps because the oxygen at those high altitudes is almost non-existent. But today, thanks to modern technology and companies that provide these types of awesome experiences to everyday people, Halo jumping is something that can be done by just about anyone with the money to pay for it and a reasonable level of good health.

The jump is done in tandem mode; i.e., you are securely fastened to a thoroughly trained Halo jumping master. You receive close to a full day of training, including on jump techniques, as well as breathing a high oxygen content mix from a “bail out” bottle.

With the experienced jump master along on the ride, all technical aspects of the jump can be handled by him. You enjoy close to a two minute freefall through the stratosphere, along with all the wonderful sights you will see during it.

Well worth the trip if you can gather together the necessary $3,500 or so USD to pay for it.