Honda Freedom 

The freedom of the open road is one of the reasons why most men want a motorbike.  The other is the technical excellence, the sound of the engine and all the machismo that goes with owning a bike.  Each man has his favourite and for many it is the Honda that has stolen his heart.  Soichiro Honda was the first and ever since the Honda name has been on the map.  The motivation for building a Honda motorbike was to provide economical transportation for individuals after the Second World War, so they used the cast off engines from army motorbikes and this eventually produced the 50cc that was regarded as the engine of the people.         
Honda began to enlarge and produce bikes with ever more powerful engines.  There was the 250cc engine called the CB72.  Then the CB77 that was so excellent it was even better than British produced bikes.  This was the model that gave Honda its good reputation.  From then on, Honda was known throughout the world.  All the original frames of steel press for the CB range had to give way to frames of tubular steel with the advent of the CB92 model. 
By now, Honda was going into the nineteen fifties.  This was an era when motorbikes were hot stuff.  There was James Dean with his leather jacket and motorbike and a legend was born.  Ever since then the motorbike has been the symbol of the edgy, broody young man who couldn’t be shackled by convention.  By the sixties Honda was producing bigger, heavier bikes and a good example is the CB450.  This Japanese bike was a serious competitor to the British motorbike industry.  The Brits really had the monopoly in the manufacturing of good bikes.  Honda was getting ahead so fast that when the CB750 was unveiled it was regarded as a piece of mean machine that was way ahead of its time.  This is the bike that completely outshone any other from 1969 to the latter seventies. 
From the end of the seventies there were other names that were beginning to overtake the Honda.  This was because Honda did not improve on the CB750 and was overtaken by bikes that were more progressive.  Eventually Honda got it right again with their Honda Gold Wing model.  This bike was for good old-fashioned cruising.  This makes it a bike that can be used by any age group.  The design was inspired by the GL 1000 Gold Wing of 1975.  Since 1980 the Honda Gold Wing is one of the most sought after bikes around the globe.  It is regarded as one of the bikes that men dream about owning or at least riding.  Honda also began producing bikes for racing.  The VFR proved to be a massive success at speed.  So if you love Honda you can take your pick.  If your intention is to hit the open road for speed or cruising, there really is nothing to stop you.