Hot Air Balloon Voyage 

This is an activity that most recently was brought back in vogue by maverick millionaire Richard Branson.  There are few things more exciting than being high up in the sky with only a bit of wicker between you and the earth.  It’s just you and the elements.  Don’t be fooled by the dreamy images of a gently floating balloon because they can pick up a very fast speed and you better know what you are doing.  The best route to take is get hold of a manual on hot air ballooning.  If you are still interested then sign up for a few lessons to become a balloon pilot.  Not all instructors keep balloons, so it makes good sense to use one who does.  After actually going up a few times you will know whether or not you want to take the final step of actually buying your very own hot air balloon. 
It’s not essential to buy a hot air balloon, but in the long run it is a lot cheaper.  Another alternative is to hire the equipment from a balloon club.  But be honest, it is pretty cool to be able to say you have your own hot air balloon.  If you plan on flying abroad then you will have to be certified to do so.  Lots of people have found that flying a hot air balloon while on holiday is a great experience.  There is no better way to travel because you see everything.  Imagine flying across the plains of Africa or the Russian steppes.  The fact that you want to fly hot air balloons proves you thrive on adventure.  You can fly the whole route if you choose.  If you do, your trip will take an enormous amount of planning.  You will also have to make sure you are fit enough and hardy enough to withstand the elements.  The weather can change at any time. 
If you want to purchase your own hot air balloon you don’t have to buy a new one.  Look for a good used balloon.  You are going to have to buy between a 77 and a 180.  This is representative of the ‘thousand cubic foot volume’.  77 will lift 4 people in a balloon in Europe.  But the higher you have to go in order to lift off the higher your ‘thousand cubic foot volume’ must be.  Be prepared to pay anything from five thousand to eight thousand pounds for a pre-used balloon.  A hot air balloon is a great investment for the person who enjoys being different. 
It is possible to turn your passion for balloon flying into a business.  There are countless people who want to go up in a balloon.  This is a way to make your balloon pay for itself.  It is a good prospect especially during the summer months.  There are many excellent locations in the UK for this activity.  There have been many people who love ‘action’ and ‘danger’ activities who have turned there favourite sport into their livelihood.  For the adventurous, it is perhaps the ultimate way to live.