How to Brand a Craft Business and Make More Sales

There’s a growing trend affecting craft businesses. It looks like more customers want to know the derivation of the products they buy, as well as their connection to those products. So if you’re a crafter who wants to add to your craft sales, how are you going to use this trend,

First, let’s look at how large businesses address this issue. Dole Organics, for example, uses a high-tech approach. They attach a sticker with a farm code to every piece of fruit they sell. By visiting their website or calling the number attached, consumers can get background information about the fruit they have purchased or wish to purchase. The information can be as detailed as pictures of the farm where the fruit originates.

How can your modest craft business accomplish the same thing, The most basic way is to print up a calling card describing how you design and make your craft. You might also make a video of your crafting techniques to play in your craft booth to draw in traffic. And of course, you should have a website, for it will provide you a great venue to discuss your crafts, and allow potential customers to develop a connection to you and your products. Exhibits in boutiques and galleries are a good idea, but make sure that they display your calling cards next to your crafts. Also display your cards at every craft show you attend. When you do all of the above, you’re building your brand by reinforcing the name and feel of your business in each customer.

By increasing interaction with your customers, you can significantly increase your brand’s value and hence your sales.