How to Deal with Woodworking Problems

Woodworking is an old-time hobby that is used in both crafts and furniture. As for any hobby, anyone might encounter certain related problems in woodworking including wood knots, unsightly marks, shrinking and expanding wood, and cracked wood. To arrange these hassles, a craftsman must be resourceful and creative.

Here are some tips that any craftsman can use when such woodworking problems arise or to prevent such problems from happening. First, glue wobbly knots using wood putty into place. After drying, each type of putty is permanent yet looks different, so remember to choose the best wood putty for the job. Second, it’s necessary to either cut off areas with unsightly marks or cover them with dark stain. Third, cope with the shrinking and expansion by planning ahead of time. Be assertive in knowing the climate, temperature and its effect on different types of wood before selecting it. Fourth, remove or pull the nails out from the stock by using vice grip locking pliers and avoid leaving marks in the wood. Last, take care of glue spots remaining before you apply the final stain. Wipe denatured alcohol in the wood and sand or scrape the glue off the wood before using it or just get rid of it.

Other factors in successful woodworking include keeping the saw table clean and rust-free, and repairing screw holes. The reason for this is that when the screw hole becomes stripped, it no longer holds the accessory it was intended to hold.