How to make a coat rack

A coat rack is used for holding hats and coats temporarily, especially those that are wet. You can actually make your own out of wooden slats.

First, gather the materials needed: the 7 main straight slats (3/4” depth; 1½” width; 53” length), 7 shelf slats (3/4” depth; 1½” width; 10” length), 5 cross members (¼” depth; ¾” width; 15” length), 2 support dowels (½” depth; ½” width; 8” length), and 7 hooks. Initially, the 7 main straight slats must be cut using a jigsaw to have similar round-off and length on both ends; then sand the pieces. Next, sand the ends of the five cross members to form a wedge shape. Lay the 7 straight slats adjacently (with 5/8” gap between each other); screw/nail and glue the 3 cross members (flat sides and at 900) to the 7 slats (with 2 positioned 4” from the bottom and top of the slats and one on centre). Then, round off 1 end of all shelf slats and arrange it similarly with the straight slats and put it on top. Flush 1 cross member on the shelf slats’ flat end, and another one 3” below the curved end. Make a hole (underside) in the 2nd and 6th shelf slats to fit support dowels at a 450 angle; and 5½” off the flat shelf end and also with straight slats (front), but it is 11” from its top. Then, fit the dowels; screw the shelf 6” from the unit’s top and attach hooks in the straight slats evenly (21” beneath the shelf).

Finally, make a hole in the top and bottom cross members and attach the unit on the wall with screws.