How to Make a Pillow Snowman

A pillow snowman can bring a sense of holiday fascination to your house, especially because you do not need to buy one anymore – you can do-it-yourself. A snowman has a magical charm that cannot be ignored by anyone. It is great to place in your living room or near your bathroom.

To make a pillow snowman, you will need the following: one fluffy white pillow, a scarf with the colour of the Christmas theme, a stocking cap, a piece of orange felt, seven buttons (the colour of your theme), a pair of gloves, whisk broom (optional), and a glue gun. Now, you can start making your own pillow snowman. First, pull the corners of the pillow and glue them or whip-stitch them securely to make them stay in place. Then paste a stocking cap on top of the pillow, hiding the corner sides of the pillow that you just stitched. Shape the snowman’s neck by putting a scarf all around the pillow, which is approximately 1/3 the way downward from the top. Glue buttons that will serve as the snowman’s eyes and mouth, and three buttons down the front of the body. Next, cut a carrot shape out of the orange felt, and glue it as the snowman’s nose. Glue the gloves in front of the pillow as the snowman’s hands. Finally, stand a whisk broom beside the pillow snowman or glue it onto one of the gloves.

With the necessary things and some creativity, you can make your own pillow snowman. You can also arrange snowmen in front of the baby window or set separately in each room.