How to make a trivet

A trivet is a short-legged stand that is used under a hot dish to prevent it from having direct contact with the dinning table.

You can make your own trivet out of some scraps of hard wood just by following these steps. First, set up the 4 side pieces and join together using lap joints. Once the lap joints have been cut correctly on the 4 sides, put the 4 pieces in their approximate positions. Select 2 (opposite) sides that sit above the upper-side of the two other sides; these will be the sides that connect into the mid-strips. Mark, then cut, 3 slits (3/8″ deep and 5/8″ wide) on the bottom half of these 2 sides. These three slits should be equally spaced throughout the side. If all the sides are ready, connect them using glue and, on the bottom, use a small screw. Next, prepare the 3 mid-strips by creating lap joints (5/8″ long and 3/16″ deep) on both ends of the strips and create a hollow (3/16″ deep and 3/8″ wide) within the upper side, depending on the small square-tiles’ thickness. Connect the 3 mid-strips to the main frame with screws and glue to form the entire shape; add an edging strip to hide the lap joints on four sides, sand to smooth the surface; then add the small square-tiles evenly using heat-resistant glue.

Lastly, apply thin felt strips to the trivet’s underside. This serves two good purposes; first, to hide the screws and, second, it will prevent the trivet from scratching your table.