How to Make Craft Wedding Gifts

After most weddings, the guests might take home a party napkin, a few candies, or some other souvenirs with which to remember the occasion. Nowadays, the brides and grooms are going for more personalised and elaborate favours as a way of putting a signature on their exclusive day.

Today, handmade wedding favours are a simple and thoughtful way of showing how much the couple appreciate their wedding attendees. They don’t need to be especially artistic to make these fun and simple creations. What the couple needs is imagination, a little time, and several helpful family members or friends.

In making handmade wedding favours, choose a colour that would work for both genders. Considerations would include, for example, choosing red rather than pink, because pink is not masculine, and the majority of men will tend to disfavour it. Some unisex colours would be red, black, white, sky blue, or a pale green/yellow.

You can add embellishments like rhinestones, heart shapes, feathers, and monograms to the gifts you are creating to make them more attractive. You can also use diecuts of the groom and bride. These can be really wonderful, especially when you can make or find diecuts with the exact skin and hair colours.

Wrap items in an equally creative style to enhance the personalised, fun nature of the presents. You can even make a box or basket to put the items into, so that the guests can use the container back in their home. Attach ribbons and bows to give the gift beauty and fullness. Most of all, have fun doing things in your own style.