How to Select Woodworking Plans

Before starting any woodworking project, it is important to have good woodworking plans. If woodworkers have good plans, their job will become easier and more fun because they avoided wasting time.

The first step, before selecting woodworking plans, is to seek the assistance of experienced woodworkers and craft shop owners. These people can review any plans, give hints, suggestions, and tips for using woodworking plans to produce a quality piece of work.

Woodworkers should look for simple plans. Poor outlines and sketches with too many pictures or notes can confuse woodworkers. The plans should be able to give a clear illustration, and go from one step to another without having to back track. Woodworkers can challenge their creative and improvisational skills by selecting the most basic plan for a particular product. For instance, woodworkers could select a design of a coat rack that uses just a few hooks and a baseboard. They can then add their own creative details as they go along.

Woodworkers may also get woodworking plans online. They can find a variety of woodworking sketches at sites like If a woodworker intends to distribute a downloaded plan, even if just for educational purposes, they must contact the copyright holder of the plan. Informing the original designer and awaiting his or her approval is a sign of respect.

Woodworkers must take their time in measuring every part of their woodworking project. Proper measurement is important for the success of any woodworking project. Lastly, woodworkers must develop a system for storing their plans to avoid misplacing them.