How to Start and Grow Bonsai

There are various considerations before starting to grow a bonsai tree. The first essential consideration is the container — choose a glass or ceramic pot in a neutral colour. Next, a vertical proportionate plant must be at the centre of a square or round pot, while a two-dimensional spreading plant is excellent in a shoal rectangle or oblong container, deep-rooted at the sides. The soil for Bonsai must also be equal peat moss, sand, and garden soil mixtures. The peat moss is used for holding water, and the garden soil, for sustenance.

In planting, a bonsai tree that looks too big for the chosen area must be pruned, wherein as many as one-third of its root ball soil can be removed with the use of a pointed stick, and the root’s outer edges must be cut with sharp shears. The pot holes should be covered with screen mesh, and then place crushed gravel layered with a soil mix. The tree should be put in the container, and as it holds the tree, the soil mix should be placed within the roots. In displaying the bonsai, it should be put outside the house such as on a patio or porch. However it could also be displayed inside the house on special occasions.

The bonsai tree should never be dried out and should be watered daily. Moreover, the fertiliser that can be used for bonsai is the fish emulsion fertiliser. It is most effective during summer and spring growth.