Make Your Own Craft Room and Save a Buck

Do you need a space to work on craft projects so that no one can see the mess you left for the next day, Do not be afraid to take on the task of making your craft room by yourself or with the help of a friend. Here are some tips for making a craft room inexpensively.

One way is to use a walk-in closet or large armoire (cupboard). Another idea is to take two economical book cases and face the sides opposed to a wall and the front shelve area looking toward each other approximately 5 to 6 feet separately (or whatsoever that can work for your area). Then, take a hollow-core door and mount that as a table between your two shelves for a work area. To cover the entryway, you can get a curtain spring pole and spring mount it, just under the top most shelf and hang a piece of fabric from it. You might simply fold a piece of fabric in half and put it across the rod. To have a really cool crafting area, you can take two filing cabinets (new or from the thrift shop) and place these below the thin table or core door for storage.

You can do great things with just two tools: a jigsaw and a drill (that can also work as a screwdriver). You can use pictures to decorate your craft room or space. As you can see, even if you do not have an entire room to create for a crafting area, you can always find a corner of a room to use.