Making a Cookbook Holder

A cookbook holder holds a cookbook in position, allowing the cook to reference it while making or baking meals. Having an acrylic frontispiece, the cookbook holder keeps the pages of the book splatter free. A cookbook holder can be made with wood, a sheet of acrylic, paint and basic tools.


1. Cut plywood 12¾ inches high and 19¼ inches wide and ¼ to ½ inch thick, making the holder’s back support. From a 1×3 plank of wood, cut a length 19¼ inches long, making the holder’s base. On a piece of plywood, sketch a right triangle having a hypotenuse of 60 degree and 10-3/8 inches high. Cut the piece out, making it as the stand.

2. Make a 1/8-inch-wide slot on the base using a router. Allow two inches from the base’s back to the slot. In this slot, a seven-inch-high and 19¼-inch-wide sheet of acrylic is placed (cut with a circular saw).

3. Sand, then stain or paint the stand, the base and the back piece with any colour. Allow to dry completely.

4. Mount hinges to the stand. Centre the stand to the back; then continue with the installation. Make sure that the stand’s bottom is at the right angle to the back. The stand should collapse in order for it to sit from the back, which allows for easy storage.

5. Using screws connect the base to the back piece at every end and put one screw in both sides of the stand. Then insert a bead of glue on the inside of the slot in the cookbook holder’s base.