Natural Control of Rodents – Inviting Owls

Controlling pests such as rodents can be very challenging and time-consuming. This is due to the fact that rats or mice significantly damage a lot of belongings, such as clothing and important documents, food and plants, structures, and electrical wires. Like other pests, rodents are also major transmitters of a range of diseases. There are various ways of controlling these pests, including utilising mouse traps or by using natural means.

Owls are the secondary victims of poisoning when they eat rats that have been contaminated with pesticide. Early Egyptians viewed owls as indications of death, bad luck, and bad health. In America, owning owl feathers is controlled by federal law. American tribes perceived the owl as the elder’s spirit carrier.

Owls are one of the natural ways to get rid of rodents. They are great natural predators for these kinds of pests. Owls usually settle in old oak trees. The owl that is most familiar is a screech owl or any owl that has a screeching cry. The two major screech owls are the western and eastern kinds. Unlike other classes of owls, screech owls are mostly not afraid of mankind, and they normally nest easily.

According to some studies conducted, owls are unlikely to settle in a particular place, even in areas where there are a lot of rodents. They only stay in areas out of personal preferences. Therefore, it is important to build them a nesting house to shelter them so they will probably stay and prey on these pests.