Planning Permission Types of Application

Planning consent or planning permission is the authorisation needed in the United Kingdom for permission to construct on land or alter the utilisation of land or buildings. The permission grants are in accordance to the country’s existing Town and Country Planning Act 1947. There are various types of planning consents that can be used.

Consent for every aspect of the projected development, although they would generally be subjected to several conditions, is granted in the Full Planning Permission. On the other hand, a proposed modification of the usage of buildings or land is not permitted in the Outline Planning Permission, but might be applicable when an applicant is seeking an agreement in relation to a suggested development. Applicants who are seeking permission for aspects that are not covered within an outline planning consent, or who are looking for approval of aspects of an expansion which were set aside by a planning agreement in a previous grant of complete planning permission, must use Approval of Reserved Matters type. Renewal of planning consent occurs when a former outline or full planning licence subject to a specific period of time condition has expired. Alteration, or removal of a planning agreement, occurs when the developer or applicant wishes to continue with a development with no condition or with the terms in an optional form.

Interested applicants must follow the existing rules of the country. The judgement for all planning is not influence-led but policy-led and will not be completed on the basis of popularity or unpopularity.