Recreational Vehicle 

One of the best reasons for an RV is to follow the sun.  Living in the United Kingdom means that there is nothing better than driving a RV to warmer climates.  So many of us enjoy driving as well as seeing new places, and some of us like to camp outdoors and leave behind all the home comforts.  But there are just as many who don’t.  We want the excitement of travel and the freedom of coming and going as we please.  But we don’t want to give up any of our creature comforts.  A luxury RV is the answer.  As soon as we feel the cold we’re off.  Usually, this will be around November.  All that is needed is for us to pack and go.  At this time of year the climate in Spain or anywhere Med is fabulous.  Our RV is our escape from the grey and the gloom.  The cold and the damp of a UK winter are most unpleasant if you are a sun worshipper. 
There are no planes, hotels and hire cars to book months in advance.  It is simply a matter of pack and go.  With a RV you can really explore and find the best spots.  There is nothing to stop you from driving when you want and where you want.  Even though you have all the luxury of a recreational vehicle, it is affordable.  Everything you need is right at your fingertips.  You can travel with everything you need for your comfort.  You can pack enough clothing and personal items.  You need not do without anything that you have at home.  In your luxury RV you can sleep, eat and shower. 
Not even the ocean can stop your travels.  RV drivers are venturing to Morocco. You cross the Strait of Gibraltar with your RV on a ferry.  You are taken to Tangiers from where you make your way around Morocco.  This is a location that is very exciting and easy to combine with a trip to Spain.  Part of the experience of travel is to visit the eateries and taste the food.  But when you want to eat your own home cooking all the facilities are available in your RV.  The fittings and fixtures are of such a high standard that you could comfortably entertain new friends you may make on the way. 
You will have many opportunities to take photographs, so make sure you have your camera.  Spain and Morocco offer extreme action and adventure sports, all of which you can also enjoy in the United Kingdom.  All you have to do is make your way back home in time for spring and you can start all over again.  The United Kingdom has all the great activities that are available abroad.  Summertime is the perfect season to enjoy them and once again you can use your RV to explore beautiful locations like Wales and Scotland.  A luxury RV gives you everything you need to enjoy your life, and to do as you please.