Recycling Electronic Equipment and Computers

We are now living in an advanced technological period, with electronics as commonly used items in our households and in the business industries.

Computers, copying machines, cell phones, printers, stereo, and television equipment make up a small portion of the electronics being used today. At some point in time, this electronic equipment will be obsolete and stop working, so it will have to be disposed of and considered as e-waste.

Most of the used electronic items today still have parts that are useful long after the object’s span of life, thus improper electronics disposal could create significant environmental risk. Moreover, toxic substances like lead, cadmium, polychlorinated biphenyls, and mercury become a great environmental concern when improperly discarded.

Computers today have fire retardants that make recycling difficult. Their monitor glass contains lead, and their other components have toxic substances that make proper disposal costly and complicated. Thus, one means is to produce computers that are environmentally friendly, like that being developed in Japan. Today’s computer is simply designed for easy recycling and the common toxic substances are being replaced with benign substances. There now exist various companies that allow the return of a computer once it’s ready for disposal, then recycle it.

The best initiative for an individual is to utilise what you have, and when about to upgrade a computer, just purchase the needed items and reuse the remaining available equipment.