Remote Control Ferrari F1

I have never seen a remote control car so realistic, and so large. If you love remote control toys, this is something you’ve got to have. If you love Ferraris, but maybe don’t have one in your budget right now, this is the next best thing. What’s more, it’s licensed by the Ferrari organization, so you know you’re getting a toy that’s designed to be as close to the real thing as you can get.

It’s also big (a huge 66 cm long) built to a 1:7 scale with the real thing. It’s got a lot of power, so you can really get the feeling that you are racing the real thing. It also has an amazing degree of control and stability. You’ll know this is no toy the moment you first use it.

You’ll want to start slow and get the feel of the car. While you won’t need years of training to race this RC model, you will want to understand its handling characteristics before you go all out with the throttle. Then, once you have some experience, you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to fulfil your fantasy of becoming a Formula 1 race car driver as you take it for faster spins — taking corners at high speed and doing various spins and donuts, and other kinds of neat tricks.

This car will go up to speeds of 10 km/h, so you really have to stay on top of your game, lest you wipe out. You’ll actually find that your real driving skills will improve as you get the kinks out with this RC Model.

Of course, nothing beats driving a real Ferrari. There is no experience like it. But if you can’t afford the hefty bit of change needed for that experience, this RC version is without a doubt the next best thing.