Removing the Stains on Wood Furniture

Wood appliances and furniture are prone to stains, especially if they are not properly sealed. Removing any type of stain from wood surfaces is an easy task, as long as you have chlorine bleach.

To begin the task, bleach the top of the wood furniture first. By doing so, it will take away the finish and the stains. The moisture which is on the finish produces white water marks, while the moisture which was trapped inside the finish mildews and creates black marks which are hard to remove. Place a plastic around the portion where no bleaching agent was applied.

It is best to bleach wood furniture during hot days so that the furniture will dry faster in the heat of the sun. You can use a heat lamp if the furniture cannot be taken outdoors, and warm it for 10 minutes before continuing the bleaching procedure. Use only full-strength bleach and wear latex gloves and safety glasses.

Soak the stain for about 15 minutes; afterwards, check to ensure that the stain has been removed. Apply more bleach, up to three coats, if there is still a stain. If this technique does not work, seek an expert for other tips on stain removal.

If the stain is removed, let the bleach dry for a while. Then, prepare a rinsing solution consisting of water and vinegar of equal parts and use this to wash off the bleach from the wood. You will know if the bleach is not yet rinsed if the new finish does not stick properly.

Finally, dry the furniture, and rub it with sandpaper and refinish it.