Rock Climbing on Wheels

Rock climbing is without equal, but let’s say you’re not up to the trip. What is the next best thing, It’s a boy toy that you don’t have to say “no” to. It’s rock climbing on wheels. Climb into a four-by-four and get going. What man can resist being sunk up to your axles in muddy water, Obviously not you, so come on out to the wonderful world of four wheeling. If you have always wanted to try this adventure, wait no longer. There is a rutted road just waiting for you. You won’t need to go to the expense of buying your own four-by-four either. What could be better,
Two to three hours is the amount of time you should allow for your adventure. However, you can sign up for an extended drive lasting four to seven hours. You will need to get instruction on how to handle a four-by-four vehicle and how they differ from a traditional car. All your instincts and powers of observation will be put into play when you are four-wheeling. One doesn’t just head up a steep rock-filled incline at a fast clip. You will be shown by qualified instructors how to approach every obstacle you encounter, and then it will be your turn behind the wheel.
Certain qualifications must be met such as a full UK driving licence and being able to climb in and out of the vehicle. Rock climbing on wheels will definitely bring out the jungle beast in you.