Russian Ops Experience

Actually this program covers both U.S. and Russian Ops topics, and it’s an amazing way to spend a weekend while on holiday in the United States.

For about $2,300USD, participants get to experience a very intensive three-day program which will provide them with anti-terrorism tactics such as advanced firearms training, defensive tactics, and a wide range of survival type skills.

The company has a facility high in the high country of Colorado, which includes accommodations for lodging and meals, as well as classrooms and a very elaborate outdoor area devoted to a firearms range and other wilderness areas where survival skills are taught. Because of its location in the “high country” this adventure is really not suited for anyone suffering from heart or respiratory problems. Because of the physical nature of the experience, with long hours devoted to physically demanding skills, being in good condition is highly recommended for all participants.

This is definitely an experience for only the heartiest of souls. No wimps allowed. While the accommodations are certainly comfortable, they are also basic. You won’t be able to call for room service at this place. But what you will get is lots of skills in such areas as hand to hand combat, jungle tracking, and stealth training. The courses are taught by former special forces members and others with advanced skills in covert operations.

For someone with an interest in survival techniques, tracking skills, and learning the basics of hand to hand combat and close quarters weapons techniques, this is a great course to take, and an amazingly fun way of spending a weekend. All meals and accommodations are included in the price of the training, and participants are advised to pack as they would for a rugged camping trip.