Safety Tips for Working on Lawns and Gardening

When working with your lawn and garden, you should know and follow safety measures and precautions to avoid any injuries. Here are some safety tips that you should be aware of to avoid any accident.

When working with any lawn and gardening equipment, you should wear protective eyewear, such as a sun visor, glasses, a face shield or goggles. You should also wear earplugs or earmuffs, and protective clothing, like close-fitting clothes, long-sleeve shirts, long pants, gloves and slip-resistant shoes. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water from time to time.

Before mowing, first remove any debris from your lawn, like rocks, sticks, glass, metals and branches. Do not lift heavy yard wastes. Use a wheelbarrow or dolly to transfer heavy loads. Do not walk on uneven or slippery surfaces while carrying waste or operating dangerous equipment. Do not work with garden and lawn equipment in wet or damp conditions. You may slip and fall and cause yourself serious injury.

Always follow the manufacturer’s directions when using chemicals on your lawn. Store the chemicals after use; gardening chemicals should be kept properly in a safe and ventilated place that can not be reached by children.

After using hoses, store them properly to prevent tripping. Ladders should be laid on their sides and rakes should be laid with their tines down. You can also install a ground-fault circuit interpreter in your lawn to avoid electric shocks.

It is also advisable to post emergency medical numbers near your phone and to have a first-aid kit in your house.