Scrap Wood Sculpture

Scrap wood sculpture is a means of recycling materials. In doing scrap wood sculpture the following are needed:

(1) pieces of scrap wood
(2) glue
(3) hammer and nails
(4) screwdriver and screws
(5) tempera paint
(6) sponges and paintbrushes
(7) water containers and water
(8) empty margarine or yoghourt containers
(9) covered work area
(10) old shirts or paint objects
(11) found objects (bits of colourful wire, beads, buttons, etc.)

What to do, First, lay out the wood scraps and try choosing the pieces. Once an idea is formed, these pieces of woods can be attached to one another to make a wonderful sculpture. If kids are going to do the sculpture, it is best for them to use glue. If they are going to use screws for fitting the wood together, adult help is needed.

Older artists can use hammers and nails for building their sculptures. Use sponges and paintbrushes to colour the sculpture by applying tempera wood stain. Complete the sculpture by adding embellishments with the found objects.

To make the tempera wood stain, you need liquid or powdered tempera, water, several containers or jars, and a paintbrush or stick for mixing.

Put a small amount of tempera paint in a container and add water. Mix the water and paint thoroughly. If it has the right consistency, put the tempera wood stain onto a scrap piece of wood. If the colour is too light, add paint, but if the colour is too dark, add water. Keep the stain in containers with lids. Before using the stain, mix it, because it might settle at the bottom.