Simple Methods in Creating a Personalised Wind Chime

A beautiful decoration which adds up to the beauty of a garden, terrace, or porch is wind chimes. These ornaments, which come from a variety of materials (mostly from recyclable waste materials), range in size. Some of them are done singly, while others are assembled in groups, and some of them are costly while others can be bought at a very low price. A simple homemade wind chime can easily be done. Here’s how to create a simple, personalised wind chime:

At first, decide on the kind of theme your proposed wind chime will have. After that, gather all the materials and tools needed to build the wind chime. These may include the following: hand drill, thread, glue, paint, glitters, small rubberized hammer, scissors, hollow bamboo, your wind chime pattern and the hanging accessory to be placed at the centre. (These materials may or may not be necessary, depending on the style of the wind chime you are making.) When the items are collected, you can proceed to build the wind chime. According to the pattern you made, decorate, paint, clean or polish the materials that require it. Then, make a hole in the bamboo using your hand drill in order for the thread to pass through it. Tie each of those pieces using different lengths of thread. After that, join all the threads together to the hanging accessory to finish off your wind chime project.

The craft is very simple to accomplish. Once you’ve become expert at this, you can employ creativity and resourcefulness in creating more.