Taps – How to Install an Outside Tap

It is first necessary to obtain a convenient length of the existing cold water pipe, which can be cut into so that a Tee piece can be inserted.

Remember that the water supply must be turned off before the pipe is cut using a pipe slice or pipe cutter.

Position the tee piece so that you have sufficient space to connect an isolation valve and a drain cock. This will allow the new supply to be turned off, if necessary and drained in cold weather. The isolation valve will also enable the cold water supply to be turned back on while the rest of the installation work goes ahead.

Connect the main supply pipe back to the straight run of the compression fitting tee piece and add a short length of pipe to the vertical outlet. Fit the isolation valve and when this has been firmly connected the water supply can be turned back on. Add another short section of pipe and fit the drain cock.

Drill a 22mm hole through the external wall and insert a length of similarly sized copper pipe to provide protection for the new water pipe when it is pushed through. Outside the building, connect a 90° bend to allow the pipe to continue vertically up the wall to the required height.

Fit the back plate of the tap to the wall and using the compression fitting, connect the pipe straight into the plate. The tap can then be screwed securely onto the plate.