Teacup bonsai (hobby and decorative display)

Growing bonsai is an interesting and challenging hobby that will keep you busy creating different styles and shapes. Being a healthy hobby, it is also therapeutic, relaxing, and one of the best gardening pastimes. Bonsai trees are also ideal for ornamental displays and gifts because of their aesthetic qualities.

For beginners who want to try bonsai as a hobby, try starting with miniature bonsai. Miniature bonsai are easier to create, and take only a short period of time to grow. In selecting the plant, choose hardy plant species such as Jasmine and start with planting seeds or stem cuttings. Mini bonsai are usually less than four inches tall from the base to the top of the plant. Containers for miniature bonsai can be the traditional Chinese tea cup, which are commonly expensive and difficult to find. However, small Chinese teacups can be used as an alternative as container for the bonsai. Regular teacups are also a good alternative, because they are cheap and also come in different styles and shapes, which make the plant more appealing. These pretty containers add to the artistry of the plant and though the bonsai does not look grand, it can be made to appear like a mature big tree, which is really unique to look at. These tiny trees can be used as indoor displays or office decorations, and take up very little space.

Bonsai plants never fail to attract attention, and to be able do cultivate one is an achievement in which you’ll take pride.