Television – How to Connect Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is used to connect the television to the aerial or, in conjunction with a splitter box, to two TV sets.

Coaxial cable is easy to use and can be run both externally and internally, through the loft, under flooring, through stud partitioning or along the top edge of the skirting board.

The cable is made up of four layers. There is a solid, inner wire that actually conducts the electronic signals, which is protected by an insulation layer. Next, there is a wire mesh or braiding that acts as both a shield against interference and also as an earth. The whole is then encased in a protective rubber sheath.

Start by separate the TV plug into its component parts and push the top, which has a threaded inner to it, onto the coaxial cable. Next cut very carefully into the outer sheath and remove a 5cm long section, being careful to avoid damaging the metal braiding. Peel this backward, up the length of the cable and expose the inner insulation layer. Then thread on the leafed cable clamp until it comes up against the braiding and gently force the leaves together to clamp on the wire.

Cut a 2mm piece off the inner insulation, exposing a short section of the inner wire and fit this into the male part of the plug. Gently slip the end of the plug that was first placed on the wire, onto the male connector and screw the two together tightly.