The benefits of a walk in bathtub

Everyone longs for a luxurious bathroom – a place to escape to and relax in or to wash the cares of the day away. And enjoying a long soak in a comfortable bath is a big part of that. However, bathrooms can be dangerous for people who are elderly or have health issues or a disability as there are hazards such as water on the floor and difficulties including getting in and out of bathtubs. This is because climbing over a high edge to get into and out of water needs a sense of balance and strength of grip that can lessen with age. For older adults, if they happen to fall, it can take a while to recover. Also, not being able to use a bath on their own can also be frustrating for people as well as embarrassing.

But there are huge health benefits for everyone in having a long, relaxing soak. Heat therapy, such as laying in a warm tub, can help stabilize blood pressure by increasing and improving blood flow to and from the heart. Also increasing the body’s temperature with a bath can boost its ability to fight infections and viruses and aid the flow of oxygen throughout the respiratory system. Bathing can also assist in improving the quality of sleep and also help with muscle pain.

Walk-in bathtubs are a great option for people who still want to have a bath but are concerned about getting in and out of them. One of the benefits of a walk-in bathtub is that it allows people to sit in a comfortable and well supported position whilst getting all the benefits of a good, long bathe. They have a door and a seat which enable safe entry and exit. The door to the bathing area is securely water-tight but still allows access by stepping in at ground level. Users have to get into it before turning the water on and wait until it has drained away until they get out.
Other benefits of walk-in bath tubs include safety features such as grip bars and non-slip surfaces all in one place and positioned for the maximum amount of mobility and safety. Upmarket features such as removable hand-held showerheads and jets that massage the back can also be included in the baths, too as well as hydrotherapy, chromotherapy and moulded seats.

Some people have concerns about the affordability of switching from a standard bath to a walk-in tub. However, walk-in-baths are extremely affordable, and a good model will last a long time and work very well; it can be a good investment for people who want to have an independent and safe bathing experience. In fact, they are seen by some as the most luxurious baths available at the moment and provide a rewarding and pleasant experience for people who need special care wand want to live full and independent lives in their own homes.

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