The best home security system reviews

Do you want to make your home safer? Are you struggling to identify the best security monitoring system for your needs? This is a market in which there’s always something new emerging, yet the basics of what makes a good system remain fairly constant. Finding the right one involves identifying systems that display these qualities and also suit your individual circumstances, so you can feel confident that you’ve got your bases covered.

If you’re not very confident about technical matters and you just want to be able to buy something, follow simple set-up instructions and then not have to worry about it, the Panasonic Home Safety Home Security System is a great choice. It consists of a smart hub (the part that does the ‘thinking’), an indoor siren that will sound the alarm if needed, a motion sensor and a door and window sensor – you can buy more of these separately as required and they’re easy to connect to the central system. Because it uses DECT ULE technology (the sort used in digital landlines) it can’t be hacked the way wi-fi based systems can, and if you want to rig up cameras, it gives you the option of storing them locally instead of online – which means there’s no need to worry about hackers there, either. You can use it with iOS or Android phones, but the downside is that it’s not compatible with sensor equipment or smart devices made by other manufacturers, so once you’ve committed to Panasonic, you’re stuck with it unless you want to replace the whole thing.

If compatibility is a priority for you, the Samsung SmartThings Home Security System is a good option, as it’s happy to work with a wide range of different kinds of equipment from different manufacturers. This is ideal if you want an overall system that can manage your house and not just take care of security issues. For a fairly reasonably price you get a smart hub, a motion sensor, a multi sensor for your doors and windows, and a presence sensor that lets you know when people are going in or out. Yu also get a power outlet plug that enables the hub to control any smart device plugged into it. Basic routines to enable the system to do different things at different times of day come pre-set but it’s easy to build your own if your schedule is different. You can even control it with voice commands using Alexa or Google assistant, but it’s not possible to deactivate it that way, so you don’t need to worry about burglars shouting through your door to tell it to turn off before they break in.

If you have pets in your home and you’re worried about them accidentally triggering alarm systems, the best security system for home protection could be the Fortress S02-A Wireless Home Security Alarm System, which has amazing motion sensors which can be set to passively scan your home at night or when you’re out and can distinguish between human intruders and animals. It also comes with multiple highly sensitive door and window sensors, and you can designate a number for it to call if detects something worrying. It also has a very loud alarm – in fact, this is the only reason buyers have for complaining about it, because it will grab the attention of everyone in the neighborhood if you do manage to set it off accidentally.

If you want to exercise maximum control over how your system is set up, try the iSmartAlarm system. It’s centred around the coordinating CubeOne Hub and is highly modular, so you can build in a wide variety of sensors to protect every vulnerable area of your home and also monitor for other types of threat to your home, such as damp. It’s a good option if you have a large home, as long as your wi-fi is good enough to keep all your devices connected, as you can expand it far more than most systems. It’s designed to be monitored through a app on your phone and it’s up to you, any time you receive an alert, to decide on the best course of action to take.

The very best security monitoring system varies from one person to another, but any of these systems will help you to establish the security you need, letting you feel at ease about your home whether you’re settling down to sleep at night, setting off for work in the morning or looking forward to a lengthy vacation.

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