The best security monitoring system on a budget

When you’re exploring the the best home security systems reviews these days, you’ll see some startlingly high prices. The advent of smart systems for home protection means that technology has become a lot more complicated, and many householders are no longer sure how much they should be spending. You can really spend as much as you want on a complex system with lots of additional sensors, if that’s what makes you feel safe – but for a reliable basic system that will still do a lot to improve your security, there’s no need to break the bank. There are some fantastic budget security systems out there.

Blink Home Security provides an excellent video monitoring system for your home at a very affordable price. It consists of a smart hub and a battery-operated camera which you can easily stick to a wall anywhere. The hub can work with multiple cameras, so you can add more whenever you feel you have enough spare cash to spend on them – just make sure you keep track of them all and check from time to time to make sure that their batteries are charged. You can operate them from your phone to check up on what’s happening in your home at any time or set them to capture a short clip of video if their motion sensors are triggered. Because you’re doing all the monitoring yourself, there are no monthly fees attached (something you should be wary of, because they can get very high), and there are no other hidden costs to worry about.

Another good low-cost option is Canary. While it’s not the very cheapest system on the market, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. You can make the best savings by buying the starter pack which contains both an all-in-one security camera and alarm, and the Canary Flex, a camera you can use either indoors or outdoors. The alarm tracks the phones of household members to keep track of who is in the house and goes on the alert automatically when everyone has gone out. When it sees something troubling it will alert you and if you don’t respond it will try other household members until someone makes a decision, either setting off the alarm, contacting the emergency services or confirming that there is actually nothing to worry about. In addition to watching out for intruders with its motion sensors, it monitors humidity, air quality and temperature, so it can warn you if there’s another kind of problem in your home.

The best security system for home protection that you’re liable to find on a really low budget is the Vimtag P1 Wireless Security Camera. Yes, it’s a single camera, but it has a really wide range of vision, so it’s quite sufficient for guarding your hallway or the room where you keep your most valuable possessions. With motion detection and night vision, it can record video or livestream it so that you can check on your home from your phone or your workplace computer, giving you instant peace of mind. Because it can also hear and transmit sound, you can use it for additional purposes like checking up on your children when you’re out.

Even if you can’t afford the best security monitoring system on your limited budget, a simple system like this will offer you a high degree of protection and help to set your mind at ease.

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