Time to update your house? The best online furniture stores

There will always come a time when you want to give your home a makeover so is it time to update your house? The best online furniture stores will give you a very wide choice but before you start searching you should do some forward planning so you know exactly what you want to change an what you’re going to part with.

Don’t just think about your indoor spaces, though living and dining areas could often do with sprucing up and new bedroom furniture can add a lot to the comfort and ambience of where you go to rest and sleep. Think too about your outdoor areas, a yard or patio or a larger garden that could do with some modern outdoor furniture to give everything a fresh look.

When you’ve decided what you really want then get measuring your spaces. There’s nothing worse than ordering some furniture online only to find that it doesn’t fit properly. Remember, it’s not the store’s fault if you can’t get your spatial dimensions right!

One thing you’ll find with online furniture shopping is that you won’t be short of choice. If you think about the number of both upmarket and budget stores in cities and large towns you’ll know how many options are available. Buying online, of course, gives you the opportunity to shop from the comfort of your own house, though there’s still a lot to be said for actually going to see furniture in a store, especially when it comes to trying out sofas, chairs and mattresses.

Online stores will give you lots of information about their products and depending on your budget you can go upscale modern to more reasonable but still stylish ranges of furniture. Here’s a taster to get you started.

Wayfair: Wayfair makes it really easy to search for exactly what you want with a huge range of pieces to choose from. It offers you a handy custom price ranges option for your searching as well as feature called “Shop this Look” that lets you look through numerous professionally designed rooms to give you plenty of ideas.

Ebay: You can buy pretty much anything on Ebay and one thing that could really save you money is that you can find used furniture, so if you’ve a tight budget you could pick up some excellent bargains. If your fixed on new you’ll find many furniture retailers will list new products there as well.

LexMod: If you’re looking for modern furniture then LexMod is worth checking out. The company supplies furniture for all rooms of a home and also has a “Deal of the Day” where one item of furniture is heavily discounted, good potential for saving money if you like that particular piece.

Wholesale Furniture Brokers: They have a lot of bricks and mortar stores and sell furniture wholesale so you can save money but their online store has a very wide selection.

You’ll find dozens more stores offering traditional, modern and quirky furniture, so treat the web as you oyster and get searching!

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