Tips if Application for Planning Permission is Refused or Delayed

Planning permission applications may be refused or delayed by the local planning authorities (LPAs). LPAs are the local Borough or District Council who are responsible for the administration of rules and policies in the planning permission application. However, applications for mining operations, waste management and minerals extraction will be decided by the local County Council in non-metropolitan areas.

Applicants must consider certain factors when handling delays or refusals by the council. Discussions of the reasons for refusal with the staff of the planning department will help better understand the application. Accepting the chance for a change in plans may make a difference in the rendering of the decision of the council. One can submit another application with modified plans free of charge within a year of the decision of the first application. However, if an applicant is dissatisfied with the decision, he may opt to appeal before the First Secretary of the State. One can also appeal if the council has not yet rendered the decision within eight weeks, also known as non-determination, unless it is agreed upon by the applicant. If an appeal is already made, the council will withdraw its decision for the application.

It should be noted that appeals are the last resort and usually takes several months to decide. The process becomes faster if the council decides to modify the proposal to more acceptable conditions. An appeal must be made six months from the date of the decision letter of the application, or six months from the date the decision should have been made, in the case of non-determination.