Tips on Harvesting Honey

Bee keeping is one of the businesses everybody is looking for, especially if one wants to stay at the comfort of his own home. This is because such a business can be done in one’s backyard. It is also easy to undertake as all one needs to do is just to look after the bee hive. If there is something hard in this kind of business, it is how to harvest the honey. However, there are tips on how to do such harvesting that make it easy and safe.

One of the things that one should know while harvesting honey is that it is sticky and, when taken out of the bee hive, it will drip; making everything that it touches sticky. To avoid this, the beekeeper should prepare a bucket of water and a dish towel where he can wash and clean his hands. It is also suggested that when extracting honey, it must be done in a closed and screened room. This is because the absence of nectar flows near the bees will cause them to look for the honey and feast on it.

Another thing one should remember when extracting honey is that it is best if undertaken by two people; one can uncap the frame while the other is spinning the honey. It is also recommended to warm the honey before harvesting for it will flow more freely. There are other tips on how honey can be harvested in a relatively easy as well as safe manner; and one should follow them strictly for the best result possible.