Top to Bottom Home Cleaning

A clean, comfortable, and orderly house is a wonderful and ideal place to live. However, some people may find it too challenging and demanding to clean the house. But there is an easy way to complete this odious task. A systematic way of house cleaning is called the “top to bottom” method. This method might be a great help to those who consider cleaning as a very tedious task.

Firstly, gather all the materials needed: vacuum, rags, water and Pinesol or other cleaning chemicals. The cleaning process should start first in the rooms located at the back of the house as this will ensure that no rooms will be missed. Perform the task consistently in all rooms, even in rooms that are seemingly dirt-free. Clean all the closets thoroughly as the “top to bottom” method entails you to clean every corner of the house. Cleaning the ceilings should also be prioritised. Carefully vacuum and sweep all the areas to ensure that all traces of cobwebs are removed. If there is a ceiling fan, vacuum it thoroughly to remove all accumulated dust and dirt particles. In cleaning the walls, make sure you include all the corners and windowsills of each room.

In addition, use one cup of Pinesol for every two gallons of water and use it to clean furniture, baseboards, windowsills, walls and trim. Pour hot water into the sink to remove visible stains. Lastly, vacuum the floor and carpets. This task is the final phase in the cleaning process.