Transform your sleep with new bedroom furniture

You probably already know that if you don’t get a good night’s rest your body finds it more difficult to operate as effectively as it should. You feel tired, your mind isn’t as sharp as it usually is and you really want to do something about it.

Well, you can, and much more easily than you think. Your bedroom is probably the most important room in your home because, unless you only sleep for a few hours at night, it’s the room where you’ll spend more time than in any other. Creating the right space and ambience can make a major difference as to how you relax before going to sleep so it’s worth taking some time to plan so you can transform your sleep with new bedroom furniture.

A bedroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive but bear in mind that by spending a little more you can create a room that will be welcoming, relaxing and comfortable. To start with, take a little time to make a rough sketch of how you want your bedroom to be. Decide on the furniture and the color scheme and remember that there are times when you’d like to be in the bedroom to relax as well as just sleep.

Your bedroom furniture is a key element to your room design and you need to take care over measurements to make sure you can fit what you want in comfortably. Naturally you bed is the centerpiece of the room and there are many choices for the frame and design that you can decide on to suit your personal design preferences. Sometimes a bed higher off the floor is more suitable for older people so they can just swing the legs out to stand up more easily.

Whatever the choice of bed it’s best if you position it so it’s away from direct light sources, doors and windows, meaning that light is far less likely to be a bother. If you can place it on an interior wall that’s probably the best option. Think about proportion to the bed when it comes to your nightstands. Too low and you have to reach, too high and the same is true. You may prefer a free standing lamp that is easy to reach to switch on or off and if you enjoy reading before you settle down a well-positioned nightstand is ideal for putting it down when you’re ready to drift away.

The most important part of new bedroom furniture is the mattress. They are made to last for a good few years but they do take a lot of wear an tear so you should consider spending on a high quality on, especially if it’s more than seven years old. Your bed and accompanying room furniture can look wonderful but if your mattress isn’t giving you a relaxed and comfortable night’s sleep then you should get one that will.

Test out different types in stores before you buy. There’s nothing like that physical contact that will give you an idea of what will work best for you. You don’t want to wake up with aches and pains so your mattress is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

Another important part of a bedroom is the dressing table and mirror, or as the British like to call it, the looking glass. You can use one side for him and one side for her or, if you have the space, have a smaller one each. You can reduce clutter by having drawers instead of leaving everything on surfaces and can add a magnifying mirror for doing make up.

If you don’t have a fitted walk-in closet for your clothes you’ll need a freestanding wardrobe or two, and you’ll need to ensure you have enough space without the room feeling cluttered. Again, if you have the space and it suits what you need, you can put in a work desk so you can retreat to it whenever you need some peace and quiet for concentration, whether you’re doing business from home or just sorting out the household accounts.

Think too about using shutters instead of curtains to make the room dark when you need but can also let in plenty of light when required. Above all be imaginative in how you transform your bedroom and enjoy the benefits.

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