Wax Moth Control in the Beehive Business

Beekeeping is a profitable business that an entrepreneur can venture into. Aside from being an easy business, it is easy to maintain. However, there are things to consider when starting such a business and making it a success. One of them is the knowledge on how to control the wax moth.

The wax moth is believed to originate in Asia and can be found in a honey bee colony. The wax moth is a kind of pest that can ruin a beekeeping business. Its larvae eat and destroy honey bee combs. The worst is that it can affect the production of honey.

A way to control the wax moth is to have a dense concentration of housekeeping bees, for it serves as a good defence against this pest. Fumigation is another way to control wax moth. It is a process of pest control, where a certain area is filled with a gaseous pesticide that is called a fumigant. This can be done by fumigating small amounts of equipment in large plastic bags with the use of paradichlorobenzene moth crystals. For eight supers or four hive bodies, use two tablespoons of paradichlorobenzene. In fumigation, it is also important to seal all air holes to efficiently control wax moth. However, it is important for one to know how to use such chemicals.

On the other hand, if the colonies in the house are becoming weak, one can use a microbial insecticide from a bacterium called Bacillus thuringiensis, so that the strength of the colonies can thrive once more.