Ways of Collecting Bonsai

Bonsai is a Japanese word which literally means ‘planted in a pot.’ It is the art of artistic miniaturisation of trees by raising them in a container. The oldest identified alive bonsai trees are between 400 to 800 years old, which are kept in Tokyo, Japan, specifically at Happo-en. Nowadays, many people are fond of collecting bonsais.

There are various ways of collecting bonsai trees. Purchasing a developed and trained bonsai to preserve is the easiest way to begin, but it is not an ideal method since you do not know how the tree was treated, and in addition, it is costly. You may also take a cutting to grow and train by yourself, which is also an easy way, provided that you have the right equipment and conditions for growing it. The leaf and the characteristics of the tree must be taken into consideration when using the cutting method and you should confirm that this particular plant is appropriate for bonsai. Developing the tree from a seed is another option in collecting bonsai, but it will take years before the seedling develops. Gathering items to re-pot and nurture within the yard is an ideal way to start, wherein you can simply pick a branch, foliage, or a seed of a tree and develop it using seedling or cutting methods.

A good root formation, a firm trunk and attractive formation of its branches, the size of the flowers, leaves, and fruit, and the capacity of the tree to survive in your environment are the important factors that must be considered when seeking a tree.