Wicker furniture and where to use it in your home

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on the patio or in a shaded corner of the garden on wicker furniture. Your chairs, loungers and tables will withstand most of what the weather can throw at them. Wicker furniture is tough – it has to be – and gives a great lift to your outdoor spaces.

So the question is: can you only use it outside? To which the answer is: of course not. It may be traditional or an accepted notion that it’s for your outdoor spaces but think outside the box a little and look at your wicker furniture and where to use it in your home.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting, for example, to spend a fair amount of your dollars on a special dining table and chairs, or a plush sofa and armchairs for your living room. But if you are starting to think outside that box there are plenty of options, designs, styles and colors that can make wicker furniture an attractive option to all your rooms.

One of the key things to remember is that wicker furniture is extremely versatile so you can shrug off the mindset that it’s only to be used outdoors. Depending on where you live the weather can be so variable that you might only get a limited amount of outdoor use so it’s a bit of waste not to think of other ways you can get value from the various pieces you have.

Probably most people would think of using their wicker furniture in a conservatory when thinking about indoor use. Conservatories are ideal for this, as are summer houses, and you can have comfortable seating, maybe a coffee table or, if your space is big enough, room to dine as well. A well-designed conservatory that you can keep either cool in the heat of summer or warm when the chillier weather comes on is ideal for relaxing and looking out onto your garden. Large, soft cushions are perfect to sink into, both for sitting on and putting at your back, and you can choose color schemes that suit that indoor environment.

Wicker furniture, apart from being hardwearing and attractive, has that versatility that means you can use it anywhere. This furniture is effectively timeless. It’s often basic, but that gives you clean, simple lines that you can add to with your interior decor and additions of soft furnishings. Yet there are many innovative designs available, for example, for sofas and daybeds that will give a cool, contemporary look to your indoor spaces.

You can save a lot of money by choosing to bring your wicker furniture inside and, in fact, you can always have some outside and some inside. You can find great combinations of sofas so you can provide plenty of space for the family, and using footstools with these and those comfy cushions will allow everyone to lounge around in complete relaxation.

Cost is not the only factor, whether you put chairs into bedrooms for the kids to (hopefully) put their clothes at night instead of on the floor or decide that your dining area would benefit from a stylish set of table and chairs. Many wicker furniture variations include recycled and eco-friendly materials as well as designer coverings, so if being a friend to the environment is where you’re at then it’s worth exploring the range of options.

With the cost of wicker furniture generally being considerably lower than the more traditional furniture offerings, they can be ideal for making a starter set for a college dorm room or for a newly-married couple to help them get off the ground and help them cut their initial furnishing costs. And if you find you don’t have room for everything when you decide to upgrade, wicker furniture can always be donated to a thrift shop or a nursing home so it can continue to be used.

It’s also worth thinking about what you need to do if you want to move furniture around. Big, solid pieces can be tricky to move without a lot of effort and the potential for floor damage if you’re not careful. Wicker furniture is much more lightweight and thus easier to move with little hassle. And the kids can move it more easily too.

Ending on the kids theme, wicker furniture is amazingly hard wearing, so as kids generally ruin things – that’s not a criticism, just an observation! – remember that it’s easy to clean and will withstand some pretty robust treatment. And maybe now you’re thinking inside the box!

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