Working with Bee Hives

Beekeepers need equipment to maintain honey bee colonies and collect and produce honey and beeswax for sale. This equipment is called hive tools; such as the specially designed levers which aids in the removal of frames from beehives. These tools can be also used in scraping the hive parts from some propolis deposits.

There are different types of hive tools.. One of these is the Red ‘J’ Type, the most popular tool and the least expensive among the available commercial types. It is narrow, with a rectangular sideways extension near the chiselled end, and its curved portion may be used as a hook to lever out a frame. Another hive tool is the Orange ‘J’ Type. It has similar features to the red type, but it is much broader and more substantial in strength. Its rectangular sideways plane is inserted between the frames and used to separate them and breaks up any propolis that occurred between the frames. Next is the Yellow Type which is broad at both ends with one end being curled round in a scroll. This tool separates the frame by rotating the curved portion to the left and right between the adjacent top bars of the frame. The levering action is performed by rocking the tool backwards when the curve portion is under the lug, so that the rounded portion rests on the adjacent lug.

In addition to the hive tools, the Stainless steel types of tools are made with all the features similar to the first three tools. The use of this material renders a stronger and a highly polished finish that makes it easier to clean. This tool can also be sterilised with more active disinfectants.