20-in 1 Multiplay Games Table

Ever have that problem of wanting to have a lot of different game tables, but not having the room to store them. Ever get tired of bumping into those exposed corners, bruising yourself, all because you needed a separate table for different board games, foozball, pool, table tennis and whatever other games tickle your fancy, Well this 20-in One multiplay gaming table solves that problem. Now you can definitely have it all and at an amazingly low price.

This table now includes 20 separate games, including chequers, dominoes, poker dice, skittles, air hockey, table football, and a host of others. It’s made of a very sturdy wood-based construction, with a light oak finish, making it look just as nice as it is to use. The best feature, however, is that all of the games pack neatly away inside of the unit when it is not in use, keeping your family room neat and clutter-free.

Now you no longer have to get bored with only having a few games to play. The table comes complete with all of the accessories and game pieces you need to play the various games, and an included instruction book comes in really handy when your friends need a reminder of what the rules for any particular game are.

This multiplay gaming table is not only amazing in its versatility, but it’s just downright fun. Makes a great way to spend time with friends or engage the kids when some one-on-one father time is the order of the day.