A Fighting Game: Paintball 101

Paintball is one of the most talked about sports for guys.  The boy toys that come along with the sport offer plenty of options for those who just love to have fun.  So what does paintball offer that something else may not, Well, with paintball you do get to safely shoot other individuals.  It is about marksmanship and winning against the enemy.  It can also be about survival in a course that is particularly tough with the enemy at your back and sides.
With paintball, you have over a hundred different courses and venues to choose from.  You have easy targets with running around shooting stationary objects.  Then, you can move into more difficult areas where you have towers, rivers, and other objects in your path to hunt the living target. 
In paintball, you need to have a paintball gun.  This gun should be a bit expensive compared to the low-end guns you can find.  You don’t want the gun to jam while you are trying to hit the target.  You also need to make sure you have enough paintballs for shooting.  The paintballs can also be any colour.  It is all about the camouflage that the other team is wearing to tell them apart. 
Once the paintballs are loaded, you have the target and the course and you are ready to defeat your enemies.  You may even want to have other gear along such as night vision goggles and more if you decide to play at night.  Playing at night or during the day is a great experience.