About the electrical regulations and safety.

The UK government recently instituted ‘Part P’ of the building code, which restricts the carrying out of certain electrical work to competent persons only, as a means of stemming the number of accidental deaths and injuries caused by peopled carrying out DIY electrical work around the home without adequate knowledge or guidance. It also implemented a regular testing programme to check and monitor the condition of existing wiring every ten years, as many homeowners readily admit that they had do not check their wiring for many years, despite it being fifteen or more years old.

It is vital that you should develop a relationship with a properly qualified and certified electrician if you intend installing any new electrical wiring, altering your existing wiring or are seeking to complete any electrical work on your own. The new regulations are designed to prevent people carrying out their own electrical work, after taking into account the significant risk of personal injury or even death.

Safety measures; it is important that you check the walls and pipes of your home for electrical current, prior to cutting into or working on any of these surfaces. If you have any doubt, stop and contact your local electrician who can check everything for you. If you have an issue with your mains power supply then you should contact your electrical supply company. Do not, under any circumstances, touch the wires, meter or consumer unit at any time, to do so may result in a risk of prosecution.