Acre of Land on Venus

You ever want to buy that special lady in your life something so unusual that she’ll be absolutely stunned. How about an acre of land on planet Venus, As they say, “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” so what gift could be more perfect than her own private acreage on the mother planet, It’s certainly guaranteed that she will be thoroughly impressed when she realizes that you were thoughtful enough to plan the perfect, the most unusual gift she could ever receive.

When you buy this, you actually get a deed which includes a declaration of ownership. What this means is that she has a confirmation that she owns an acre of land on the planet and the approximate area where her acreage is located. She’ll also get an official “Venusian” map so that she can see her land and its location. What’s even better is that she also gets ownership of the mineral rights to her acreage so that if gold or some other valuable mineral is ever discovered on the planet, she gets to cash in on the mining rights of her acreage.

This is no scam. A law passed in the United States made it legal to sell land on other planets and this deed is an official declaration of ownership. Even if her acre of land on Venus turned out to be worthless, the gift itself makes a lasting impression and it is clearly one of the most unusual gifts she will ever get in her lifetime. So, wouldn’t you be the one to want to give it to her,