Repairing or Replacing Wood Shingles

Wood shingles are the best protection you can provide to the roof of your house and appropriately positioned wood shingles offer 3-layer, full protection from the elements.

Setting up a ladder

Position the extension ladder in such a way that the peak of the extension ladder extends a few feet above the roof’s edge.

The roof ladder must be hooked on the roof’s end, and a rope should be used to secure the peak of the ladder to a solid anchor point, like a deck railing on the house’s opposite side.

In replacing the wood shingles

1. Split the cracked wood shingle in pieces using a chisel and hammer. When the shingle is broken up, move the shingle’s split pieces until these can pull out easily.

2. Measure the gap’s width needed to fill. Cut the substitute wood shingle for about 3/8” narrower compare to the correct measurement. This would allow for expansion when the shingles become wet.

3. Tap the replacement wood shingle until it strikes the nails (dent comes out at the nails). Measure how much further the shingle must go to align with the others. Pull out the shingle and at each dent cut the slot equal to the measurement with a saw or utility knife.

4. Tap the shingle to within one-half inch of its final position. Drive the two shingle nails into the replacement shingle at an angle of 45 degrees. Finish nailing the replacement wood shingle into the place with a nail set. Drive up the replacement shingle a half-inch using a wood block and a hammer.